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Resume Writing Tips for Registered Dietitians

It takes a seasoned recruiter no more than two minutes to scan a dietitian’s resume for the information they need. I know this because I was a dietitian recruiter for three years. If you want your resume to stand out from the pack, follow these resume writing tips for registered dietitians.


1. Share your credentials loud and proud.

You worked hard to earn your credentials, so display them at the very top of your resume, right after your name. You don’t need to overthink how to list registered dietitian on your resume. Include the initials for your credential after your name, and spell it out in your education and professional development section. This will make it hard for the recruiter to miss, enabling them to spend more time reading about your qualifications and achievements.


2. Keep it to one page if you can.

A lot of job seekers ask, “how long should a resume be?” and the answer is rather simple: the resume should be as concise as possible and as long as it needs to be to cover your skills and achievements. It’s a great idea to keep a running list of all your accomplishments over your career but consider keeping two versions of your resume handy: one that is comprehensive and one that is condensed. Unless an employer specifically asks for a thorough resume, submit the condensed dietitian resume format.

We also suggest presentations and published work not be included on the condensed version of a resume unless they’re specifically relevant to the position to which you’re applying.


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3. Pack a punch by matching keywords.

There are a few key places in a dietitian resume where it’s important to use the right words. This way when a recruiter skims, they find what they’re looking for easily.

  • Job titles: Make your job title simple, easy to understand and similar to the job to which you’re applying. Titles like: Clinical Dietitian, Renal Dietitian, Outpatient Dietitian, Clinical Nutrition Manager and Consultant Dietitian are easy to identify. Pair an ambiguous title with an additional descriptor: Patient Services Manager/Clinical Dietitian.
  • Duties: Review the position to which you’re applying and update a few bullet points to match it. It doesn’t have to be exact, but if you have specifically “Executed all anthropometric data collection,” make sure to include that information.
  • EMR Experience: More and more candidates are listing the various electronic charting systems they’re familiar with – if you have room, include this as well.


4. Include your internship rotations if you have limited other experience.

Newer dietitians can use up to half their resume to expand upon their dietetic internship rotations. Take time to break out each rotation, name the facility and dates worked, and list relevant duties under each. Each rotation can essentially be formatted like its own position, creating a dietitian internship resume. Oh, and make sure to list any special projects or improvement plans you participated in as well.


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5. Consider how everything looks.

Your resume should be submitted in an easy-open format, like a Word document or PDF. When you email a resume, consider the document name, email address, email subject and email body. These will be seen before a recruiter even opens the resume. Make sure to entice a recruiter, not confuse them.

When it comes to formatting, simpler is better. Colors, pictures, and graphics aren’t necessary and won’t give you bonus points. Stick to basic formatting so more attention can go toward your qualifications and experience.


As you begin your job search, keep these resume writing tips for registered dietitians in mind. Whether you write your own resume or have a professional do it for you, it’s critical that you get the full two minutes of a recruiter’s attention and that their eyes fall on what’s important – you!


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By Heidi Williams, Dietitians On Demand | March 04, 2019
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