Turn your passion into a business! Follow your dreams and live with purpose! 

Every entrepreneur has a different story about why they started a business, but they all agree on one thing: being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to create a career by following your passion.

Sum Sanos™ is looking for innovative professionals who are ready to break free from the daily grind with their own sustainable business, while making a difference as a Life Transformation Practitioner.

Obesity in the USA is a national crisis. It’s no secret that the costs are overwhelming the medical system. There is no end in sight, and nothing seems to work long-term…until now! 

Sum Sanos uses scientifically proven, evidence based principals of Habit Intervention.  It is the ‘Inner Game of Weight Loss’. Our practitioners support people struggling with obesity, helping them to give up fad diets and quick fixes by changing their habits and shifting their mindset to achieve lifelong well-being.

For 3 decades we have been helping entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses with tools and resources developed specifically to support both savvy, existing coaches and aspiring wellness entrepreneurs.

You run your business your waywe are not a true franchise nor are we an MLM. No recruiting, no quotas, no territories, and no hidden fees.

What you WILL find with Sum Sanos:
● A robust evidence & psychology based program - Helping you coach effectively, so clients can lose weight for life and live with greater energy, focus, and vitality.

● Ongoing skills and business development training helping you stay sharp and differentiate yourself - Our treasure trove of educational support and tools ensures you are constantly learning

● A global community culture - Brilliant like-minded professionals including Dieticians, Physicians, Psychologists, and Teachers from around the world willing to offer advice and support to leverage all of our coaches to success. 

● A powerful marketing system to help you build a solid client base - Opt-in on a personalized Sum Sanos website, email address, social media assistance and more

● 12 months of Co-Coaching Get a mentor, become a mentor – Learn as you earn  

● Access to International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Training - Upgrade your coaching pedigree at any time

● A global, visionary movement that aims to change the cultural standards for weight management for good - Be a part of something bigger. 

Join our dynamic, international team of wellness entrepreneurs and turn your passion into a business!

If you want to be one of the limited number of Sum Sanos™ Coaches in the USA helping people achieve their goals from the comfort of your own home, click Apply today.

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